Making it Simple to Sign in to Google’s Services Without a Password

Google has launched “passkeys,” a technology that allows users to access its services without entering a password each time. Passkeys enable users to sign in to websites and apps by using their device’s security features, such as facial recognition or a PIN, instead of a unique password. Google believes passkeys are more secure than passwords because they can’t be obtained through phishing attacks. Passkeys represent a significant step forward in improving online security and protecting users’ personal information by offering a more secure and convenient way to access online services.

Google has introduced a new technology called passkeys, which allows users to access Google services without the need to enter a password each time. Passkeys let users sign in to apps and websites using the security features of their device, such as facial recognition, a PIN, or a thumbprint, instead of having to enter a unique password for each site.

According to Google, passkeys are more secure than passwords because they cannot be obtained through phishing attacks, which can occur when a user accidentally gives someone else their password. Additionally, passkeys prevent user logins from being exposed if an app or service they use is hacked.

The introduction of passkeys follows commitments made by Google, Microsoft, and Apple last year to support new security standards that remove the need for passwords. Google has also stated that passwords and two-factor authentication options will still be available to users who are not ready to move to passkeys.

When users add a passkey to their Google Account, they will be prompted to use it when signing in or performing sensitive actions on their account. The passkey itself is stored on the user’s local computer or mobile device and will require the user’s screen lock biometrics or PIN to confirm their identity.

Passkeys offer several advantages over traditional passwords, including enhanced security against phishing and accidental mishandling. Users can store passkeys on multiple devices, so they are not reliant on a single device to log in to their accounts. Additionally, if a user loses their device, they can remove the passkey from their Google account settings.

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