Musk Shares AI Safety Concerns with Larry Page, Accusing Him of Neglecting the Issue

Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims he is the reason OpenAI exists, citing his investment and involvement. He also alleges Microsoft’s control over OpenAI, which Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella denies. Musk criticizes OpenAI’s profit model and its approach to safe AI development. Despite signing a letter on AI dangers, Musk founded a rival AI firm. Musk shares his concerns about AI with former friend Larry Page, accusing him of disregarding AI safety. Page was not available for comment.

In recent statements, Tesla CEO Elon Musk boldly proclaimed that he is the driving force behind the existence of OpenAI, attributing his past investment in the organization as evidence of his pivotal role. Musk asserted that Microsoft controls OpenAI, but Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella vehemently denied this.

During an interview with CNBC’s [name redacted], Musk asserted, “I came up with the name,” highlighting his involvement in the early stages of OpenAI. He also emphasized his instrumental role in recruiting key scientists and engineers for the company. It should be noted that Musk had previously argued that Microsoft controlled OpenAI and questioned the company’s business model. These assertions ultimately led to disagreements between Musk and OpenAI, resulting in his withdrawal of a reported $1 billion commitment. Ultimately, Musk invested around $50 million in the company.

Furthermore, Musk expressed concerns about OpenAI’s lack of emphasis on safe AI development. Despite being a signatory to an open letter in March that called for a pause in advanced AI development to establish safeguards, Musk acknowledged that he was skeptical of its impact. Interestingly, Musk incorporated a rival AI firm called X.AI in April, highlighting his continuing interest and involvement in the field.

Musk clarified that his decision to sign the letter was primarily for record-keeping purposes, indicating his desire to be on the right side of the AI safety discourse. However, an immediate comment from OpenAI’s spokesperson was not available at the time.

In a separate conversation with Faber, Musk revealed his past friendship with Google co-founder Larry Page. He disclosed that he and Page engaged in extensive discussions about the nature of artificial intelligence. According to Musk, Page exhibited a lackadaisical attitude toward AI safety, demonstrating little concern for the potential risks associated with the technology. Musk cited an incident where Page referred to him as a “speciesist” due to his preference for prioritizing human consciousness over machine consciousness. However, Larry Page was not immediately available for comment.

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