Meta Makes IT Easier to Switch Between Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Meta said Monday it’s testing new features intended to help people easily manage their Facebook and Instagram accounts through one interface.

The move underscores Meta’s attempt to consolidate its family of apps so they aren’t so distinct from one another.

One of the features lets people switch between Facebook and Instagram accounts as long as they have added both to the accounts manager. Once the accounts have been linked, people can toggle between the two apps and see notifications for both apps. It also works for people who have multiple accounts.

Meta also modified its user-registration process so it’s easier to log in and create new Facebook and Instagram accounts. This could help new users create accounts on both services as opposed to just one of the apps, which is seen as a way to court more users.

Meta said the new account management features are “currently limited to Facebook and Instagram,” but that the company will “continue to explore how to improve connected experiences across all of our technologies.”

The company debuted Meta accounts in July that allows people access to its virtual reality headsets without having to use their Facebook accounts. That change was in answer to complaints from Quest VR users.

CNBC reported earlier this month that multiple businesses are removing the once-ubiquitous Facebook social login button from their websites due to lack of use by consumers and data privacy concerns

Source: CNBC

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