Multiplayer Games for Video Calls Added to Messenger

Facebook Gaming has announced the integration of games into its Messenger video call feature, allowing users to play games during video chats. At launch, there are 14 free-to-play games available on iOS, Android, and the web. Users can access the games library by clicking the “Play” icon after starting a video call in Messenger. Facebook Gaming has invited developers interested in integrating this feature into their games to contact them. The move towards integrating games into Messenger is part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to create more interactive and engaging experiences for its users.

Facebook Gaming, a division of Meta, has made an announcement regarding the integration of games into its Messenger video call feature. According to the announcement, users can now play games during video calls in Messenger. At the time of launch, the Messenger games library featured 14 free-to-play games on iOS, Android, and the web. Among these games are popular titles such as Words with Friends, Exploding Kittens, Card Wars, and Mini Golf FRVR. Facebook Gaming has stated that it is working towards bringing more free games to the platform later in the year.

To access the games library during a video call, users need to begin a video call in Messenger and click on the group mode button in the center. From there, they can select the “Play” icon to browse through the game library. It is important to note that two or more people need to be present in the call to play games. In a blog post, Facebook Gaming wrote, “This new, shared experience in Messenger makes it easy to play games with friends and family while in a video call, allowing you to deepen connections with friends and family by engaging in conversations and gameplay at the same time.”

The company has also mentioned that it is inviting developers interested in integrating this feature into their games to contact them. The Messenger games feature is an addition to Facebook’s existing video call and messaging capabilities. This news comes after Facebook shut down its standalone Facebook Gaming app in October 2021. The app was launched in April 2020 during the pandemic as a way for users to watch their favorite streamers, play instant games, and participate in gaming groups. Facebook stated that users can still find their games, streamers, and groups within the Facebook app.

While Facebook has been experimenting with Messenger games for several years, the new feature of playing games during video chat could be a welcome addition for some users. Additionally, Facebook recently announced that it is testing the ability for users to access their Messenger inbox within the Facebook app. Back in 2016, Facebook removed messaging capabilities from its mobile web application to push people to use the Messenger app. This move generated criticism from many users. However, Facebook is now testing the reversal of this decision.

In conclusion, Facebook Gaming’s decision to integrate games into Messenger’s video call feature is a step towards providing a more interactive and engaging experience for its users. The addition of games during video chat could provide users with a new way to connect with friends and family while also engaging in gameplay. It will be interesting to see what other games and features Facebook Gaming will bring to the Messenger platform in the future.

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