SwiftKey App on Android and IOS Now Incorporates Bing Search Engine by Microsoft

Microsoft has integrated its Bing chatbot into the SwiftKey app on Android and iOS, enabling users to search directly from their mobile keyboard without switching apps. SwiftKey’s new features include Chat, Tone, and Search, allowing users to access Bing on the go for more detailed queries, as well as customizing their text to suit any situation. Microsoft plans to create buzz around SwiftKey by integrating its new Bing and has also launched greater access to Bing in group chats on Skype, as well as making Bing available via Microsoft Start.

Microsoft has announced that it is integrating its Bing chatbot into the SwiftKey app on Android and iOS. This new integration will allow users to chat with the bot directly from their mobile keyboard and search for things without having to switch between apps. The new features in SwiftKey are accessible in all markets where the new Bing is available.

SwiftKey offers three key features from Bing: Chat, Tone, and Search. Users can access the new Bing while on the go for more in-depth queries thanks to the Chat functionality. This functionality can be useful for a variety of things. For instance, users can use the chat functionality if they are looking for a clever pun to respond to someone’s message, or if they want to quickly find what dessert pairs well with a specific dish when planning a party with friends on mobile.

The Tone feature is designed to make it easier for users to communicate more effectively by using AI to customize their text to fit any situation. In situations where people are having trouble, this feature can be helpful. To be formal in their work emails or are learning a new language and need help with word choice. Users can use the feature to make their sentences sound more professional, casual, polite, or concise enough for a social media post.

Users no longer need to switch between programs because the Search functionality allows them to easily search the web from their keyboard. When speaking to a friend and needing to look anything up in the middle of the chat, you can use this tool.

The new features in SwiftKey are accessible in all markets where the new Bing is available. Anyone can use Search now, but accessing Tone and Chat requires users to sign into their Microsoft Account that has been approved to access the new Bing preview.

Microsoft notes that the update is available today, and once users have received the update, they will see the Bing icon above the keyboard. From there, users can click on the exact feature they’d like to use; Chat, Tone, or Search.

It is worth noting that Microsoft had planned to shut down SwiftKey on iOS last year but later decided not to. Microsoft is likely hoping to create some buzz and popularity around SwiftKey by integrating its new Bing into the product.

In addition to integrating Bing into SwiftKey, Microsoft also announced that it’s launching greater access to Bing in group chats on Skype. Microsoft integrated Bing into Skype back in February in a preview. Group chats now only need one member with access to the preview to talk to Bing.

This means, as a group, users can use the new Bing from within the Skype app just like they’d use the new Bing on the desktop. Users can use it to settle a debate, help plan a group trip, or find a restaurant for them all to meet at in person. To get started, users need to search for “Bing in Skype” in their Skype contacts and add it to a group chat, just like they would any other contact. Just like on desktop, the new Bing chat responses in the Skype app that reference facts are cited with web links to sources, so users can double-check where the information is coming from.

Finally, Microsoft announced that Bing is now available via Microsoft Start, which is the company’s personalized news reading experience.

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